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Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013

Pakistani Suits With Pants Definition


By 1970, with the acceptance of trouser suits, the Western woman's silhouette accommodated bifurcation for the first time. Yves Saint Laurent, a designer extremely sensitive to social trends, responded to the May student uprisings in 1968 by creating a line of women's tailored trouser suits. Based on the "African" theme, he created a "Safari" suit for his spring/summer 1968 collection, transforming the functional hunting outfit into townwear for women. Two years earlier, Saint Laurent had introduced his "City" trouser suit, which was intended to play the same role as a man's suit. Although trousers had been acceptable as an element of Orientalizing ensembles, for sport, as loungewear, and as an expression of iconoclasm by celebrities like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Katharine Hepburn, they had never been acceptable townwear for a fashionable woman. This radical shift is commensurate with the remarkable ascent of women in society during the 1970s.
Suits give women the ability to make a powerful first impression. Whether attending an interview, giving a presentation, or just going to work each day, pant suits should be a part of every professional woman’s wardrobe. Some women may think that professional business attire all looks the same, is bland, or is boring. However, there are many variations of suits and different ways in which they can turn a woman into a fashion queen. There is a wider selection of styles and cuts for women’s pant suits than ever before, giving women the ability to be both professional and unique.
A well fitted business suit that flatters a woman projects confidence that will catch people’s attention in the business world. This buyer’s guide will discuss the history of women’s suits, then assist women in finding the right size of suit, determining the level of formality, learning about the different styles of jackets and pants, and discovering where and how to purchase them.
History of Women’s Suits
Women first began wearing suits as riding habits in the 1660s. The outfits consisted of a fitted jacket with a matching skirt. The suits were worn for horseback riding, travel, and any activities where women wanted to protect their normal clothes from getting dirty. Women’s suits worn for actual attire appeared in the 19th century and became a common city outfit for women in the 20th century. They could be worn in professional settings or just as daytime attire. Pant suits were first designed by Andre Courreges in 1964 but it took several years for the fad to catch on as acceptable business attire for women. It was not until the 1980s that pants suits were fully acceptable and commonplace.
Fitting Women’s Pants Suits
In order to be truly professional, women ’ s pant suits must fit properly. Suits that are too baggy show a lack of interest in appearance, while a suit that is too small may appear inappropriate and show minimal professionalism. There are five things that must be measured in order to purchase a properly fitting suit. The chest, waist, hips, sleeve length, and pant inseam will all play a part in how the suit fits. To begin, measure around the widest part of the chest, then measure around the natural waistline. Do not suck in the stomach to do this. The hips need to be measured around the fullest part. Typically the hips are about eight inches below the waist. For the sleeve length, measure from the shoulder bone to the wrists with the arms relaxed downward at the side of the torso. To determine the inseam, measure from the crotch area down to the middle of the heal when wearing shoes. Lastly, use the sizing chart below to determine the best size to look for.
Suit Size
Chest (Inches)
Waist (Inches)
Hips (Inches)
Sleeve Length (Inches)
Pants Inseam (Inches)
Some measurements are likely to vary because not everyone is proportioned the same. In many cases, the suit jacket and the pants can be ordered in separate sizes allowing for some flexibility. However, if the suit still does not fit properly, it will need to be tailored.
Steps for Selecting Women’s Pants Suits
There are several steps to be taken when selecting business suits. First, the attire needs to be appropriate for the type of business. Then the style of the jacket and pants need to be chosen. And finally, additional factors like colors and pin striping need to be decided upon.
Types of Business Attire
When dressing professionally, there are three different types of business attire: traditional business, general business, and business casual. Which one a woman is dressing for will determine what kind of suits to wear.
Business Attire
Traditional Business
In the traditional business setting, women are expected to wear a perfectly fitted business suit with matching pants and jacket. Pinstriping is acceptable and considered to be professional, but the suit color must be gray, black, or brown. If a shirt is showing beneath the jacket, it must be a fitted blouse. Leather shoes with a closed toe and heel are required along with hosiery. Wear subtle, studded earrings with no other jewelry unless it’s a watch or wedding ring.
General business attire is slightly less formal. A jacket and traditional slacks are still required but the jacket can be a different color and style from the pants. Colors can also range outside of the browns, blacks, and grays. Jewelry can be worn, but hosiery, and leather closed toe shoes are still a must.
Jackets are not a required item in a business casual setting. However, if wearing a jacket and slacks, there is much more room for variation. Different styles are acceptable such as pants and a jacket that are non-traditional but still dressy. For example, pants that are billowy and resemble a skirt sometimes come with a matching jacket.
After finding out which type of business attire is required, the appropriate style of suits can be determined.
Types of Women’s Suit Jackets and Pants
Women’s jackets and pants come in a variety of cuts and each has different benefits and levels of formality. The charts below discuss the features of each type of suit jacket and suit pants.
Women’s Suit Jacket
Fitted suit jackets are both professional and flattering. They are designed to give women an hourglass shape with a midsection that comes in and then flares out at the hips.
No button suit jackets are more like blazers and are appropriate only for business casual settings.
These jackets have one button just below the chest and the rest of the jacket remains open. The shirt worn underneath is visible. These are appropriate for general or business casual occasions.
Straight cut jackets do not accentuate a woman’s curves but are very professional. Sometimes these are preferred by women who feel that the fitted jackets do not flatter them. These can be worn for traditional and general business events.
Suit jackets with three buttons are the most formal, and they do not show the shirt underneath. They can be worn in general or traditional business settings.
Two button jackets can be worn for more formal occasions but the shirt is visible so it has to be a formal blouse. Two button suit jackets are appropriate for traditional and general business occasions.
Wrap suit jackets are not very common. One side of the jacket wraps around and buttons over the top of the other side. They can be traditional or general if the suit and pants are a set.
Next, select the cut and fit of the suit pants.
Women’s Suit Pants
Flare suit pants are straight cut until they reach the knees and then they flare out. They make the legs look long and slender. These can be worn for traditional and general business settings.
Straight cut pants are the usual choice for formal occasions but they are also worn at general business events as well.
Wide leg pants become more loose fitting as they go down from the crotch. Because they don’t hug the leg, they are forgiving when it comes to leg shapes. These are only appropriate for general or business casual occasions.
These are the general options when selecting the type of jackets and pants to wear together. Some suits come in set which do not allow the jacket and pants to be switched out for different cuts. If this is the case, find a suit that already has the desired jacket and slacks.
Women’s Pant Suit Options
Traditional business suits come in gray, black, or brown and can be a solid color or have narrow or wide pinstriping. If the suit is being worn for a general business occasion, a two or one button suit jacket can be worn with a necklace or a scarf to add an extra design flare. Three button jackets or jackets that do not show the shirt should not be accessorized. For casual or general business settings, mix and match the colors of the pants and jacket for a stylish look. For example, wear brown slacks with a tan jacket and pink scarf. Whether casual or not, if a suit jacket is worn with pants, the shoes need to have closed heels and toes.
Shopping for Women’s Pants Suits
Women’s suits can be difficult to find because they need to be the perfect size and fit. If they are not, additional money has to be spent in tailoring them. Locally, suits can be found at high-end department stores or specialty women's shops. However, their selection may be limited because they cannot stock all sizes and styles. Suits are also not a piece of apparel that women purchase every day so they are considered more of a novelty item than a necessity. Because of this, women often times find it easier to shop at places like eBay where they can find a large inventory of styles and sizes without having to leave the comfort of their home.
Purchasing Women’s Pants Suits on eBay
To start searching for women’s pants suits, go to the eBay homepage and click on the All Categories tab. Next, select Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, and then the Women tab. This page features all women’s apparel so narrow down the selection by clicking on Suits & Blazers. The last step is to choose the Pant Suit category. Now all of the pants suits for sale on eBay are listed and you can start browsing through them.
When shopping, take a few precautionary measures to make the process quick and easy. Select to only view listings being sold by eBay top rated sellers. By doing this, you will not have to waste time looking through every seller’s feedback for positive or negative reviews. Next, double check the size and the shipping prices before purchasing any suits. Some sellers have multiple sizes and request that the buyer let them know which size to send. Failure to indicate the size could result in the seller shipping the wrong suit. Also make sure that you are aware of shipping costs so that there are no surprises later.
The process of finding the right pants suit may be rather involved but the outcome is worth the effort. A well-fitted business suit is both professional and flattering. Finding the cuts, styles, and colors that are flattering can turn any lady into a sharp looking business woman. Using the information in this guide will allow women to find the proper suit size, determine how they are expected to dress, understand the different styles of suits available, accessorize, and shop for women’s pants suits in a way that saves them time and hassle.

Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013
Pakistani Suits With Pants New Images Pictures Photos Collections 2013

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